Jun 08 2014

Bogosity Podcast for 9 June 2014

Co-Host: Dave Turcotte

News of the Bogus:

20:56 – Biggest Bogon Emitter: Richard Martinez http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/father-of-victim-in-santa-barbara-shootings-to-politicians-i-dont-care-about-your-sympathy/2014/05/27/8a030d10-e5ad-11e3-a86b-362fd5443d19_story.html

31:12 – Idiot Extraordinaire: Big Earl’s Restaurant http://happyplace.someecards.com/lgbt/a-tx-restaurant-slurred-and-banned-a-gay-couple-and-theyre-sticking-to-it-their-yelp-page-is-now-fabulous/

This Week’s Quote: “Segregation was enforced in the South precisely because so many people were opposed to segregation. You don’t pass a law to force people to do what they would do anyway…Without a law mandating segregation, the first white company to hire black workers and serve all customers would have set in motion a train of events that would have made segregation impossible.” —Harry Browne

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