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Aug 13 2017

No podcast for 13 August 2017

Sorry, but I ended up having a shoot this weekend, so no podcast. See you next week!

Aug 10 2014

No podcast for 11 August 2014

Sorry, folks, technical difficulties + me being sick = no podcast this week. But on the plus side, here’s another video in my How To Argue For Statism series:

How To Argue For Universal Health Care

Feb 23 2014

No podcast for 2/24/2014

Sorry, no podcast this week due to an illness.

Sep 01 2013

No podcast for 2 September 2013

Sorry, no podcast this week due to personal commitments.

Aug 13 2013

Why we’re not an affiliate

In case anyone’s wondering why we’re not affiliated with the wonderful, as many great podcasts are, this is the response we got from Audible’s Podcast Program Manager:

Thank you for applying to the Audible Podcast Program.

Unfortunately, due to North Carolina’s internet tax laws, Audible cannot work with any podcasters who reside in the state. Therefore, your application has been declined.

Nonetheless, your interest in working with Audible is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Incidentally, this is also why we’re not an affiliate. As much as we would love to bring you savings on great products and podcasts, once again the politicians get in the way of the little guy trying to raise revenue to bring you the content you enjoy.

Aug 11 2013

No podcast for 12 August 2013

Sorry folks, way too much going on this weekend to get the podcast out. See you next week!

Jul 21 2013

Sorry, no podcast this week due to personal commitments.

Jun 09 2013

No Podcast for 10 June 2013

At the LPNC convention this weekend, so no podcast this week.

Apr 28 2013

No podcast for 29 April 2013

Sorry, family functions this weekend so I won’t be able to get the podcast out. Here’s a new video to tide you over:

Feb 10 2013

No podcast for 11 February 2013

Sorry, no podcast this week, but check out my appearance on the Ed and Ethan podcast!

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