Mar 19 2012

Bogosity Podcast for 19 March 2012

0:23 – Update: Ban on father seeing daughter alone is lifted

News of the Bogus:

11:50 – Biggest Bogon Emitter: North Carolina State Government

16:20 – Idiot Extraordinaire: Joseph A. Califano Jr.

This Week’s Quote: “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!” —George Washington

Mar 11 2012

Bogosity Podcast for 12 March 2012

News of the Bogus:

Biggest Bogon Emitter: Leon Panetta

Silver Cluon Award: Jonathan Corbett

Idiot Extraordinaire: Joe Arpaio

This Week’s Quote: “If we are uncritical we shall always find what we want: we shall look for, and find, confirmations, and we shall look away from, and not see, whatever might be dangerous to our pet theories.” —Karl Popper

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Mar 05 2012

Bogosity Podcast for 5 March 2012

News of the Bogus:

Biggest Bogon Emitter: Robert Parry

Idiot Extraordinaire: Bob Morris

This Week’s Quote: “I am rather disturbed by the fact that so many people—who are neither medical professionals nor trans themselves…feel that they have any right to ask us about the state of our genitals.” —Julia Serano

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