Feb 03 2019

Bogosity Podcast for 3 February 2019

News of the Bogus:

12:05 – Biggest Bogon Emitter: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez https://www.dailywire.com/news/42665/ocasio-cortez-gets-twitter-feud-wapo-fact-checker-james-barrett

17:38 – Idiot Extraordinaire: Judge Brian S. Miller https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20190128/16510941480/federal-judge-says-boycotts-arent-protected-speech.shtml

This Week’s Quote: “Anarchism says, Make no laws whatever concerning speech, and speech will be free; so soon as you make a declaration on paper that speech shall be free, you will have a hundred lawyers proving that ‘freedom does not mean abuse, nor liberty license’; and they will define and define freedom out of existence. Let the guarantee of free speech be in every man’s determination to use it, and we shall have no need of paper declarations.” —Voltairine de Cleyre

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