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Jan 20 2013

No podcast for 21 January 2013

Holiday weekend with the kids. No podcast this week. But plenty of sentence fragments.

Let’s take some time to remember this great man this holiday reveres:

Dec 31 2012

End-of-year podcast delayed

I’m recovering from an illness; I’ll get the 2012 end-of-year podcast up as soon as I get my voice back. Thanks for your patience.

Nov 25 2012

No Bogosity Podcast for 26 November 2012

No podcast this week due to the Thanksgiving holidays.

Nov 04 2012

No podcast for 5 November 2012

Sorry, I’ve had a lot of computer problems I’ve been unable to resolve, which means no podcast this week.

Oct 14 2012

Bogosity Podcast for 15 October 2012

News of the Bogus:

Biggest Bogon Emitter: 11:00 Bonnie Kavoussi

Idiot Extraordinaire: 26:00 Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA)

This Week’s Quote: ”But ye are forgers of lies, ye are all physicians of no value.” —Job 13:4

Oct 07 2012

Bogosity Podcast for 8 October 2012

News of the Bogus:

Biggest Bogon Emitter: Harvey Scott School Principal Verenice Gutierrez

Idiot Extraordinaire: Ke$ha

This Week’s Quote: “I really believe that our quarrel is not with the Republicans, it’s not with the Democrats, it’s not with George Bush, it’s not with this program or that program. Our quarrel is with the use of force. Our enemy is force—the idea that force can solve problems, because force doesn’t solve problems.” —Harry Browne

Sep 23 2012

Bogosity Podcast for 24 September 2012

News of the Bogus:

Biggest Bogon Emitter: Ben ”Bubbles” Bernanke

Idiot Extraordinaire: Barack Obama

This Week’s Quote: ”We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” —Abraham Lincoln

Sep 16 2012

Bogosity Podcast for 17 September 2012

News of the Bogus:

Biggest Bogon Emitter: Anthony Gucciardi

Idiot Extraordinaire: Ken Ham

This Week’s Quote: ”Our freedom to doubt was born out of a struggle against authority in the early days of science. It was a very deep and strong struggle: permit us to question—to doubt—to not be sure. I think that it is important that we do not forget this struggle and thus perhaps lose what we have gained.” —Richard Feynman

Sep 02 2012

Bogosity Podcast for 3 September 2012

News of the Bogus:

Biggest Bogon Emitter: The Department of Homeland Security

Idiot Extraordinaire: The Republican Party

This Week’s Quote: ”Every man takes care that his neighbor shall not cheat him. But a day comes when he begins to care that he does not cheat his neighbor. Then all goes well. He has changed his marketcare into a chariot of the sun.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aug 19 2012

Bogosity Podcast for 20 August 2012

News of the Bogus:

15:20 – Biggest Bogon Emitter: Prosecuting Attorney Michael Valentine

19:08 – Idiot Extraordinaire: AlfonZo Rachel

This Week’s Quote: “I am a Conservative to preserve all that is good in our constitution, a Radical to remove all that is bad. I seek to preserve property and to respect order, and I equally decry the appeal to the passions of the many or the prejudices of the few.” —Benjamin Disraeli

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