Feb 16 2020

️Bogosity Podcast for 16 February 2020

News of the Bogus:

11:21 – Biggest Bogon Emitter: The US State Department https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20200205/13272543863/since-national-archives-cant-keep-up-with-incoming-records-agencies-have-been-given-permission-to-rewrite-their-own-histories.shtm

14:47 – Idiot Extraordinaire: Devra Davis/Environmental Health Trust https://lawandcrime.com/administrative-law/scientists-sue-fcc-for-dismissing-claims-that-cell-phone-radiation-causes-cancer/
This Week’s Quote: “Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable.” —Anton LaVey

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