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Jun 04 2017

Bogosity Podcast for 4 June 2017

Co-Host: Charles Thomas

News of the Bogus:

19:25 – Biggest Bogon Emitter: Net Neutrality advocates

27:17 – Idiot Extraordinaire: US Army

This Week’s Quote: “An idiot is no smarter if a billion people agree with him and a genius is no dumber if a billion people don’t.” —Jonah Goldberg

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May 01 2016

Bogosity Podcast for 2 May 2016

Co-Host: Chris Hangartner

News of the Bogus:

25:30 – Biggest Bogon Emitter: Opera Software

32:27 – Idiot Extraordinaire: Cindy Prior (nominated by evensgrey)

This Week’s Quote: “The government enforces a monopoly over the production and distribution of its alleged ‘services’ and brings violence to bear against would-be competitors. In so doing, it reveals the fraud at the heart of its impudent claims and gives sufficient proof that it is not a genuine protector, but a mere protection racket.” —Robert Higgs

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